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DT’s Innovations
At DT’s Innovations we pride ourselves in developing boat trailer steps that can enhance boater’s experiences. Our boat trailer step, the “D-Step”, was developed with safety in mind. This product line is the result of years of field testing and design by active sportsmen and boaters.

DT’s Innovations is a small Oregon company that handcrafts each product locally. We are very proud of our design and our quality and have been helping boaters since 2005.

Why you need a D-Step
As a boat owner you probably have encountered the difficulty of getting in and out of your boat especially at a boat ramp. When alone at a ramp, after running your boat up on the trailer, how do you get out of the boat with water on all sides? You go to the bow and climb down on the trailer tongue balancing on the winch or whatever is handy.

This common problem was the catalyst for the invention of our D-Step. The D-Step is a one-of-a-kind design developed from over 6 years of modifications and field use. Safety and ease of boat boarding are the hallmark of these versatile steps.

Manufactured to heavy-duty standards these all-galvanized steps easily install on any boat trailer up to a 3” x 5” tongue size. This step can easily transfer to any trailer that you might own. We are proud to say that the D-Step is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Limited Warranty
The DT’s Innovation’s D-Step is fully guaranteed against defects in material workmanship for 1 (one) year from date of purchase. DT’s Innovations will replace, or repair at no expense to customer, any step that fails within the warranty period.

Except as above stated, DT’s Innovations makes no other warranties of any kind, express or implied, and the extent of liability for any replacement of product. Improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect and normal wear not covered by warranty. Warranty does not cover shipping charges.

The purchaser of this product accepts and assumes all liability for the installation, maintenance and use by themselves and others.